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Prayers of Intercession for Sunday, August 18, 2019


Luke assures us that God is eager to give us all good things when we call for those in need, for the church and all of God’s creation.


A brief silence


God, you know the people of your church. Guard and keep the whole community of Christ. Continue to increase and strengthen the faith of your people with love and peace so that we are a blessing to the community and the world in which we live. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.


God, you are the creator of our world. Continue to nurture and keep your creation. Bless those who tend to the earth’s resources that they may work to conserve and provide adequate support for daily living. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our Prayer.


God, you inspire leaders of the nations and you are the head of every ruler and authority. Inspire them to guard and keep the world in justice and mercy. May their words be guided by the spirit of your words to bring peace to current fractured relationships between nations. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.


God, you know the needs of bread for your people. Watch over those who are hungry held in detention at the border and the hungry across the country. Watch over those abused by violence or oppressions. Watch over those who are weary with illness – especially ______________.


Each day give all their daily bread. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.


God, you know Pilgrim Church. Guide us together with Pastor Hammons as we strive to address the mission of Pilgrim. Keep us together in worship and praising you with our music that proclaims the gospel of your love, as did Johann Sebastian Bach and George Fredrick Handel who are commemorated today. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.


God, you know the saints who live in your presence. Guard and keep the faithful departed saints, …….. and inspire our faith in you until that day when we are all raised in the power and glory of Christ. Lord, in your mercy, Hear our prayer.


We pray all these petitions and more, trusting in the promises of our risen Lord, Jesus Christ, by the grace of your Holy Spirit. Amen.


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