Music at Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Music and Hymns

Pilgrim Lutheran Church enjoys music and hymns which we include from the Evangelical Lutheran Worship Service Book and Hymnal, as well as from  other sources. Our services are accompanied by organ and piano played by Denis Brunelle, our Minister of Music and Choir Director.   

We Welcome All to join us in song!






Individual members of the Choir also share their gifts of music with the congregation by playing their instruments during special times of the year and services. All are welcomed to join to share their musical gifts and talents!


Handbell Choir


We also have a handbell choir that plays at our worship services frequenty throughout the year.  They bring us a special joy.  If you are interested in joining the handbell ringers - speak with our Director of Music Ministry - Denis Brunelle, or with the Pastor.

All Are Welcome



All are welcome!



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