Sunday Servers

An Invitation To Help Serve!

Please consider sign up this year to help assist!

We need people to sign up to help as Acolyte,

Assisting Minister, Greeters, Ushers, Readers,

Communion Assistants.

Please, sign up at Church or call or email the Church Office.

Thank You!

 All are invited to help! 


We would love it if all our members would please consider helping or assisting with the Sunday Service.  We need your help!

Over the years many of our members have retired or moved out of state or are no longer able to help with or assist in the service.

If you are thinking about helping out on Sundays or are interested in doing it, please call the church office for assistance and information. 

If no one is available to take your call, please leave your name and number and someone will contact you.

You may do so on line by going to or clicking on the Contact menu on the left side of the page then fill out the informational box on the contact page.  In the message box please state how you would like to help. There are sign up sheets on the bulletin board near the office where you may simply sign up.  All are welcome to help!


Thank You, and God Bless!




All Are Welcome



All are welcome!



Pilgrim Lutheran Church

1817 Warwick Ave

Warwick, RI 02889