The Diane Fish Memorial Scholarship




An Application for the 2018 Diane Fish Memorial Scholarship is available in the brochure case across from the Church Office. It can also be downloaded from this Church web site. See the left sidebar “Scholarships”. The application deadline for this $1000 grant is May 1.  We are grateful to the Fish family who annually support this scholarship in Diane’s Memory. The fund is administered by the Pilgrim Lutheran Church Altar Guild.


Diane Fish Memorial Schorlarship Application
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Pilgrim Lutheran Church


The Diane Fish Memorial Scholarship




The 2018 Diane Fish Memorial Scholarship application follows on page 2 & 3. The requested information must reach the Pilgrim Lutheran Church Altar Guild mailbox at 1817 Warwick Avenue, Warwick, RI 02889 by May 1, 2018, at noon.  This is the same date that most colleges require students to make their decision of where to attend…an important date to note on your calendar!


 Given higher education trends that impact students, the 2018 qualifications for this undergraduate scholarship have changed. Members of Pilgrim Lutheran Church (men and women of any age) may apply if planning to enroll full time as an undergraduate in an accredited higher education institution in the USA or abroad. This includes current high school seniors, former high school graduates anticipating freshman enrollment, and also upper class students currently enrolled in a college. Priority will be given to an applicant who has not received this scholarship in the past.


The Scholarship Committee may schedule interviews with applicants who surface as finalists. We hope to announce the name of one recipient and present a $1000 check before the end of May.


We applaud your good intention to continue your education! Thank you for your interest to apply for this Scholarship honoring another gifted Pilgrim Church member, Diane Fish. This Scholarship is supported by the Fish family in Diane’s Memory.


If you have any questions regarding the scholarship application or selection process, please contact Priscilla Angelo by email ( or telephone (401-935-4406).




The Diane Fish Memorial Scholarship Committee


                     of  the


 Pilgrim Lutheran Church Altar Guild






Pilgrim Lutheran Church


Diane Fish Memorial Scholarship




Any section of this application that is not applicable should be noted as such.


I. General Information


Applicant’s Name:________________________________ Address: _________________________



Birth Date:__________________


Date & Place of Confirmation:____________________   With Whom are you living? ___________




High School/City:__________________________________________________________________


College name/address where you intend to enroll this Fall for the first time: _________________________________________________________________________________


College name & address, if you are already matriculated:__________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________


In Fall 2018, will you enter as a freshman, sophomore, junior, senior, etc ?: __________________


Class Rank, GPA or QRP, if known:___________________


Planned Field of Study: _______________________ Status: Accepted________Pending_______


Will you Live on Campus?_______ Off Campus?_____  Commute from Home?_______


Parents’/Guardians’ Names:__________________________________________________________


II. Financial Information


Approximate Tuition Cost/Books/Lab Fees/housing for the full year of attending this college: $___________


Your approximate estimated financial need for the full college year after considering all other sources of income: $ _________


Other Scholarships you are seeking or have been granted:__________________________________






List your work experiences during the past two years:


         Employer                             Dates of Employment                                   Approx. Weekly Earnings


__________________               ___________________                                         _______________________


__________________             ___________________                                     _______________________


III. List your significant contributions to and involvement in Pilgrim Lutheran Church:








IV. Unusual Circumstances:


 Please state any unusual family or personal circumstances which you feel warrant the attention of the Scholarship Committee:






V. Letter of Recommendation:


The scholarship committee also welcomes a letter of recommendation from someone who can attest to your ability and commitment to succeed at an undergraduate institution. If you have asked someone to recommend you, attach the sealed letter to your application material and name that person here:_______________________________


 VI. Brief Biography:


On a separate sheet of paper, please submit a brief biography, concluding with a statement of your aspirations and reasons to seek or to continue a formal higher education.








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