All Saints Sunday 2014
All Saints Sunday 2014

Pilgrim Lutheran Church invites one and all to dedicate or give a Memorial in a loved one's name.  We believe that all will be reunited and that our friends and family members have just gone on ahead of us and are waiting to welcome us when it is our time to make the journey.  This page is set up so that you may donate a financial gift in the name of a beloved one to the Pilgrim Lutheran Church.  Or you may send a request to the memorial committee to consider, if you have an idea or a way in which who would like to honor your beloved one's memory.  All are welcomed, and for more information please contact the committee by using the contact selection on the menu on the left side of the page. 


Thank you and no contribution is too small ... it is what is in your heart! 

God Bless and God's Peace be with you!



 All Saints Day at Pilgrim Lutheran Church

Each year in November on All Saints Day or the first Sunday in November we gather at a special Sunday Service to remember and recall the members of our church who died that year.  It is a special time for our members and their families each year as we light a candle to remember those who have gone before us. 


Pilgrim Church's Memorial Garden


If you would like to place a brick with your loved-one's name engraved in it, please fill out the form below.  The cost of the brick and engraving is minimally $30.00, but a higher donation is always appreciated.  Please, return the completed form to the church office by mail or through the offering plate.


Please print clearly or type your request as shown below.


Name to be engraved on brick:_____________________________


Name of person donating brick:_____________________________


Contact information of donor email:__________________________


and phone number: ______________________________________

All Are Welcome



All are welcome!



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