Our History

Pilgrim Lutheran – A Brief History

Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Warwick, Rhode Island grew from a Sunday School which was a part of the ministry of Gloria Dei Lutheran Church in Providence. It was the Augustana Synod which began this congregation and for many years its Swedish background played an important role in its understanding of ministry.


The first service of the congregation was held on Sunday, October 15, 1944. The first home for the congregation was The Excelsior Club, a nightclub which was located on Warwick Lake, close by the present location of the church building. In 1944 The Rev. Arnie Andell was called to be the first pastor of Pilgrim Lutheran Church, and under his care, the congregation flourished and grew. Pastor Andell left this site for ministry in 1952 and the following year the Rev. Carl Bloomquist was called to be the pastor. During his time as pastor a new building was erected at 1817 Warwick Ave. This church building was used for the first time on Christmas Eve of 1957. Pastor Bloomquist served the congregation well for forty years. Upon his retirement, our present pastor, the Rev. Dennis Kohl was called to serve us.


Pilgrim Lutheran Church has grown well beyond its Swedish beginning. Today it is a home for people of many backgrounds and life experiences. You are most welcome to join us in worship on Sundays and other festivals.


In June of 2013 our church congregation gathered and voted that our church would become a RIC church.  That is we would become a Reconciling In Christ Church and we would welcome and invite the LBGT community to our church.  

Our church and the members truly mean that ALL ARE WELCOME HERE.

We proudly fly the rainbow flag and hope you might come and see.

Sunday Schedule

All Are Welcome! 

8:00 a.m.

Holy Communion

 Spoken Service

9:30 a.m.

Holy Communion

Music, Hymns, Signing for hearing impaired.

 Summer Service

Air Conditioned

 9:15 a.m.

   Sunday School

It runs from Sept. to June. 





All Are Welcome!  

Join us and See!